Friday, March 18, 2011

Talent Show!

The Santa Maria First Ward Talent Show was held in February 2011. It was a great night of talent and so much fun to see which talents people were hiding! Not only were their live performances but there was also an exhibition of photos by the Lundquists, watercolor paintings by Julie LeCheminant, and Spencerian Script by Kandie Miller.

Miss Chaye did an awesome "en pointe" dance

Don on keyboard and Joe lending his vocal talent

Leann on vocals and Elizabeth on piano
Sterling on electric guitar
Angela and Joan playing a piano duet
Carli on the keyboard
Sweet girls singing and their momma on piano
Curtis on acoustic guitar
Aleha on flute accompanied by Linda on piano
Ricardo on Piano
Cliff and Jennifer playing a flute duet accompanied by Linda on piano
Activity Day girls performing "It's the Hard-Knock Life"

Trevor played the piano and the Ocarina accompanied by Linda
Kaylene on the piano
Teagan, Victoria, and Shelby dancing away
Radmacher Family singing for us.
Enjoying the show!

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